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Special Offer: Learn Italian in Florence

Learn Italian in Florence and practice what you’ll learn every day in the beautiful heart of Tuscany. You’ll not only learn, but you’ll also have fun, as you experience local places in this special city where you’ll use your exciting new language.

Many new visitors try to learn a little Italian before they come to Italy.  Unfortunately, like many languages, it’s not the normal things that get you, it’s the way that actual conversations include unique things that can make what you say not exactly what you mean.

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My teacher was more than just a language instructor. I had no Italian language background but a week with her gave me not only everything I needed to start understanding and speaking the language but I also gained insight into the culture and what living in Italy might be like. I got so much more than I expected.

Punto (point) is one example.  It’s one of those small words that Italians use all the time in response to something that you say or a point you are trying to make – they’ll just say “Punto.  Depending on the inflection, it can mean “now that’s a really great point.”  However, it can also mean, depending on how it’s said, “you’ve made a point but it’s a very small point and a truly insignificant point.

How Best to Learn How to Speak

Taking Italian lessons in Italy – either group or one on one – with a good local instructor is by far the most effective way to learn.  It can also make your Italian living experience much more rewarding and gratifying.

The thing we all want to do initially is to be able to get along in simple conversations – like asking for a table or ordering a meal in a restaurant, or buying something in a store, or asking for help, without embarrassing ourselves by saying something stupid.

If you make the effort, however limited your initial Italian, your limited grammar, not-so-great vocabulary and somewhat strange accent will be much better appreciated than your fluent English. Italians will usually encourage you and greet your attempts with appreciation and good humor.

Get Started in Florence

Florence Language Affiliate

Florence Language Affiliate

We work with an exciting Language Affiliate in Florence.  She’s a gifted language instructor who offers high level classes in a fun and interactive learning environment. You’ll become part of a community of learners working together to uncover the charm of an ancient language, discovering its secrets and nuances that make it so beautiful. You can blend your Italian life and Italian studies to create beautiful memories in the center of a timeless city.

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